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Empowering cancer survivors through health, wellness, and fitness

About Me

I am Lana Stevenson and I am passionate about creating personalized exercise programs for cancer patients and survivors. I create custom programs pertaining to each individual’s specific condition, focusing on the importance of the mind/body connection.

I have been a competitive athlete throughout my life. I branched into Personal Training and coaching because of my passion for helping others discover their potential through fitness. I founded my own Personal Training studio, Lana 4 Fitness 25 years ago.  

My younger daughter has been fighting a rare stage 4 colon cancer for the past 7 years. I am a single mother and sole provider; and have had to move through this exceedingly difficult journey alone.


This life experience has led me to expand my 30-year career in the field of Health and Wellness, to become a Certified Advanced Cancer Exercise Specialist. This has enabled me to create a plan for others at a loss for answers, and to guide and assist parents going through this most challenging time.

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"You have everything you need"

Tarisa Poirier-Shelton

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